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That's one hell of an age gap ;)
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I'm Jess, 19, from Australia! In case you couldn't tell, I'm a massive Whovian! Real Whovians would know that it's not snowing, it's just something being broken down by our atmosphere. ;) Probably the work of the Doctor! Don't be afraid to ask me things! DFTBA Jessjenius xx

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On the same night Liam did that all night horror movie marathon I had a dream that a demon wanted to possess me

It was a nice enough demon, in that it asked my permission first. However, it took my silence and fear as a “yes” which in reality it was a “HELL NO YOU FREAKY DEMON”.

In the end though, i ended up turning into Ryuk from Deathnote, and let’s face it, there’s worst Demons you could be.

But I’m pretty sure that Liam has ESP which he sends me without knowing…

xx Jessjenius

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